How To Get From Fiumicino Airport To Rome

Wherever you are traveling around the world, knowing how to get from the airport to the city center is the very first step to a smooth trip, and that’s certainly the case in Rome. In fact, one of my favorite tips for visiting Rome is to plan how to get from Fiumicino Airport to Rome city center in advance.

Depending on what time your flight lands, how much luggage you have, how experienced a traveler you are and – quite importantly – your budget, your experience will definitely vary, and it’s always better to go prepared to avoid any issue.

In this post, I will give you an overview of all the options you have to get from the airport to the city. Let me however start by sharing a few facts about Rome airports.

From Fiumicino to Rome City Center

Some Background Information About Rome Airports

Rome is served by two airports.

Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci Airport is the main airport. It’s where all the main carriers fly to, as well as some budget airlines, and it’s located about 32 km (19.9 miles) from Rome, near a small town called Fiumicino. If you are flying from the United States, Canada, Australia, Africa or Asia that’s where your flight will be landing.

Ciampino G. B. Pastine airport is served by budget airlines and connects the Italian capital to a variety of cities in Europe and the Mediterranean basin. The airport is actually much closer to Rome city center, but there are less options to travel between Ciampino and the city.

In this post, I will solely focus on how to get to Rome city center from Fiumicino Airport.

Fiumicino Airport is very well connected to the city center, and you have various ways of traveling between the two – but the metro is not one of them. You have the option of taking the train – either a regional or a direct one; a taxi or private transfer; and the bus. Depending on how you decide to travel, getting from the airport to the city can take you between 30 minutes and one hour.

Continue reading for an overview of all the options available.

Train from Fiumicino airport to Rome

How To Get From Fiumicino Airport To Rome

By Train

If you don’t have much luggage to carry around, the best way of getting from the airport to the city center is definitely the train. Trains depart regularly from the train station located in Terminal 3, with two different trains going to Rome.

Express Train

The express train travels to Rome Termini Station with no intermediate stops. You will get off at either platform 23 or 24. Once in Roma Termini Station, you will have the option of continuing to your final destination by taxi, bus or by metro – lines A and B cross at Termini Station.

The first train departs at 6:23 am, whereas the last one at 11:23 pm.

Trains depart every 15 minutes (every 30 minutes at night) and the journey lasts 32 minutes.

Tickets cost €14 for adults; children under 4 travel for free and children between 4 and 12 can also travel for free with a paying adult.

You can get tickets at one of the vending machine outside the baggage claim area or at the machine or at a ticket counter at the station.

Alternatively, check the timetable and get tickets online here or here.

If you decide to buy tickets online, you will have to select a departure time. While you can’t get on an earlier train with your tickets, you can get on a train that departs after the one you had originally selected – so it works out well in case your flight lands late.

Remember you must validate your ticket on one of the machines along the platform before boarding the train.

Tiburtina Train Station

Treno Regionale

The “regional” train takes much longer as it makes intermediate stops in various places, including Trastevere and Ostiense (terminating in Fara Sabina), Orte (terminating in Rome Tiburtina station) and many other inner-city stations. The regional train does not go to Roma Termini Station – so if that’s where you need to go, you will have to get off at Ostiense and take Metro Line B.

The regional train is actually a good option if instead of staying in central Rome you want to reach the city’s Southern, Eastern and Northern quadrants.

The first regionale train departs at 5:57 am; whereas the last one departs at 11:27 pm and ends in Roma Ostiense station.

Trains depart every 15 minutes during the day, and every 30 minutes on Sundays and in the evening. The journey lasts between 30 and 48 minutes, depending on which station in Rome you get off – Tiburtina is the farthest one.

Tickets cost €8 one way, and seats are not reserved so you can pretty much jump on any train you wish. You can get a ticket at one of the vending machines outside the baggage claim area, at the machine or at the ticket counter at the station.

Alternatively, you can check the timetable and get tickets online here.

You will have to validate your ticket on one of the machines along the platform before boarding the train.

vending machines
Vending machines inside Fiumicino Train Station

By Taxi

Taxis are an easy, reliable way of getting from the airport to the city. However, depending on the time of day the ride can be quite a long one as there may be a lot of traffic on the Grande Raccordo Anulare, the highway that connects Fiumicino Airport to Rome. The traffic is at its worse in the morning, when locals are heading to work and kids go to school, or in the late afternoon, when they are coming back.

Taxis from the airport to the city center operate on a flat fee system, and cost €50, which you can pay by credit car or cash.

You will find taxis right outside the Arrivals terminal, typically in a line. Official taxis in Italy are white and have a “taxi” sign on the roof. Watch out for unofficial taxis – known as “abusivi” in Italian. Drivers will try to approach you outside of baggage claim. Just say no and continue walking!

Getting tickets

By Transfer

If you have a lot of luggage or if you are traveling in a small group, you may want to opt for a transfer. Prices start at €18 (around $22 USD) for a shared transfer, which is actually much cheaper than a taxi; and can go up to €45 ($55 USD) for a private one.

The good thing about booking a transfer is that you can book it in advance, which means you don’t have to fiddle with change and money after a long flight; there will be someone waiting for you to help you with your luggage; and since you will input your address upon booking, you hardly have to worry about stating your final destination to the driver.

You can book your private transfer from the airport to the city center via Welcome Pickups here.

For a shared transfer, click here.

For a private transfer, click here.

Terravision is a popular, budget friendly option

By Bus

Public buses don’t run from Fiumicino Airport to Rome city center – that’s because the airport is actually located in a different city. However, there are a couple of private companies that run the route, and the bus is extremely convenient price-wise.

Terravision runs regular buses (there are 8 daily departures) from Fiumicino Airport to Rome Termini Station. Tickets cost €7 one way and the journey lasts about 45 minutes to one hour depending on traffic. The bus will stop in various places in the center of town, including the Vatican, before getting to the final stop at Termini Station.

You can get your Terravision bus ticket here.

Another option is the SIT Bus Shuttle, which also stops near the Vatican (on Via Crescenzio 2) and at Rome Termini Station. There are 12 daily buses and tickets cost €8.

You can get your SIT Bus Shuttle ticket here.

Finally, there’s the Rome Airport Bus, with buses that go from Fiumicino Airport to Rome starting at 6:05 am until midnight, and a total of 23 daily buses. Tickets cost €9.90

Roma Termini
@Skahraman /

By Uber

Taxi drivers will tell you otherwise, and probably start a rant if you ask them; Italians don’t really use it much; but Uber is indeed legal in Italy. However, it’s just not a viable option of getting from the airport to the city. Prices are around €76 – which is significantly more expensive than even a taxi! If you want to use an app to call a taxi, opt for MyTaxi, which is what we use here. MyTaxi waiting area is outside Terminal 1.

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