How To Visit Ostia Antica, Rome

Ostia Antica Rome

If you are a fan of history and archeological sites, there is no doubt that you should visit Ostia Antica while in Rome. An easy day trip from the Italian capital, thanks to its location right at the mouth of the Tiber River (which has moved since!), this used to be Rome’s ancient harbor – … Read more

A Guide To Visiting Rome In Winter

Things to do in Vatican City

Should you visit Rome in winter? I say, absolutely! Rome is a fantastic city year round, but it’s during the winter months that you really have a chance to see the real Rome – a city that very much belongs to locals. So, if your work schedule only allows you to travel during the winter … Read more

25 Free Things To Do In Rome

free things to do in Rome

The Italian capital is known to be one of the most expensive cities in the world, but did you know there actually are many free things to do in Rome? That’s right! Even if you are a budget traveler traveling to Rome on a shoestring, you are bound to be able to visit many incredible … Read more

The Best Hotels In Trastevere Rome

Hotels in Trastevere

There are some excellent hotels in Trastevere, and if you are looking for a centrally located part of town, with easy access to a lot of attractions, and you aren’t bothered by noise, this is definitely one of the nicest neighborhoods in Rome. To me, Trastevere embodies Rome perfection. You can expect to find some … Read more

13 Lovely Gifts From Rome

gifts from Rome facts about the Colosseum ancient sites in Rome

You won’t have troubles finding gifts from Rome. The Italian capital really is a shopping paradise, and whatever you may want to bring home for yourself or for your family and friends as a souvenir, you are bound to find it there. While you can certainly spend your time wandering around town looking for the … Read more

16 Fun Things To Do In Rome On A Rainy Day

things to do in Rome on a rainy day

When it rains, it pours – at least, in Rome. Rome never comes across as a rainy city, but would you believe it if I told you that the Italian capital gets an average amount of rain that is actually higher than London? That’s right! The thing is – while London gets a regular amount … Read more

19 Great Hotels With Pool In Rome

Hotels with pool in Rome

Whether you are traveling to Rome in the summer time and want a place to cool off a bit at the end of a day of exploration; or you are a swimmer much like yours truly who appreciates a pool to train daily; you will certainly appreciate a good hotel with a pool. However, hotels … Read more

Where To Go Shopping In Rome

shopping in Rome

Shopping in Rome is out of this world and I only know too well – I have recently shopped my way around Trastevere and bagged a few lovely items. Whether you are looking to bring a few souvenirs home and if you are a fan of bargain finds, flea markets or high end boutiques, you … Read more

How To Celebrate Halloween In Rome

Castel Sant'Angelo

If you are traveling to the Italian capital at the end of October, and especially if you are visiting Rome with your kids, you may find yourself facing the dilemma of what to do for Halloween in Rome. In fact, you may simply be wondering whether Halloween is celebrated at all in Rome. While Halloween … Read more