The Best Apartment Rentals And Airbnbs In Rome

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If you are visiting the Italian capital and are in search for the perfect place to stay, you are in the right place: here, I will share the best airbnbs in Rome – great apartment rentals that will make your time in the Eternal City absolutely memorable. Rome is a beautiful city with a fabulous … Read more

The Best Rome Virtual Tour

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Have you been dreaming about visiting the Eternal City but are unable to go at the moment? Why don’t you opt for a Rome virtual tour? I know, it’s not quite the same thing – but seeing this gorgeous city from the comfort of your home is definitely better than nothing. Plus, you get to … Read more

Where To See The Lovely Cats Of Rome

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The cats of Rome are so famous that a whole series of merchandise – calendars, fridge magnets and all sorts of other souvenirs – is dedicated to them. But what’s the relationship between these lovely, small and at times mischievous felines and the Eternal City, and why should you bother about them at all? You … Read more

The Best Tips For Visiting Rome

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There is a number of things you need to know if you are visiting Rome for the first time – a series of tips and tricks that will make your time in the beautiful Italian capital a whole lot better, and that even before going will actually help you with the trip planning. You see, … Read more

The Best Areas And Places Where To Stay In Rome

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Is it your first time visiting Rome and are you looking for a good place to stay in town? You’ve come to the right place. Here you will find information on where to stay in Rome, the best areas, and accommodation options for any budget – from the best hotels in Rome, to good hostels … Read more

The Most Famous Landmarks In Rome

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There are many incredible landmarks in Rome, and a lifetime and multiple trips won’t be enough to discover all that the Eternal City has to offer. This is a city with an incredibly long history; a millenary culture; a multitude of beautifully kept archeological sites; museums and art galleries; churches and so much more. What … Read more