How Many Days In Rome Are Enough?

visiting the Pantheon Rome

Rome is a huge city filled with a neverending list of sights, interesting museums and places to eat. This is a city with adventures enough to keep you entertained for a lifetime. You will often hear locals say that they are just getting started exploring the city! No matter how long you spend in Rome, … Read more

A Guide To The Parco Degli Acquedotti, Rome

Parco degli Acquedotti

The Parco degli Acquedotti is probably my favorite park in Rome. Chances are that after visiting, it will be yours too! This vast green area is really easy to reach from the center of Rome – right by the Appia Antica – yet virtually unknown to tourists, so a great place to spend some time … Read more

A Short Guide To Galleria Sciarra, Rome

Galleria Sciarra Rome

For those looking to see something off of the main tourist trail in Rome, the Galleria Sciarra makes for an interesting addition to your itinerary. This Art Nouveau building, complete with ornate, Liberty style frescoes, is much less visited than other sites in the capital. Not only is it a must-visit for fans of architecture, … Read more

How To Get Roman Forum Tickets

Roman Forum tickets

Getting Roman Forum tickets is actually much easier than you’d imagine. The Roman Forum is one of Rome’s many ancient marvels. Located between the Palatine and Capitoline Hills, at its peak it was an important center of life in ancient Rome. It was the site of public gatherings, combat, trials and elections, and was home … Read more

The Best Guide To Vitorchiano, Italy


Vitorichiano is one of a collection of pretty towns to be found in the Tuscia region. Taking its name from the Etruscans (a pre-Roman civilization), not only is this area strewn with ancient origins, it has also played an important role in medieval Italian history – and beyond. I grew up with a poster of … Read more

A Complete Guide To Soriano Nel Cimino

Soriano nel Cimino

You’ll find Soriano nel Cimino in the historic Tuscia region – a charming part of Lazio, well off the usual tourist track. This picturesque part of the country offers an insight into real local life in Italy. Soriano nel Cimino itself is a small town nestled on the slopes of the Monti Cimini and is … Read more

The Most Interesting Ancient Sites In Rome

gifts from Rome facts about the Colosseum ancient sites in Rome

With so many ancient sites in Rome, picking which one to visit can be a real challenge. Some are incredibly famous, and if it is your first time in the Italian capital you really should not miss them. Others are actually lesser known internationally, but equally worth visiting – and if you are a frequent … Read more

A Complete Guide To Villa Lante, Bagnaia

Villa Lante Bagnaia

There are plenty of sights in Rome, but if you want to escape the crowds and explore further afield, don’t fret: there’s plenty of places to do just that a mere stone’s throw from the Italian capital. One of these is the Mannerist gardens of Villa Lante. Situated just over 100 kilometers (62 miles) from … Read more

A Guide To The Aventine Hill, Rome

Orange Garden Rome Aventine Hill

One of the famous seven hills of Rome, the Aventine Hill is one of the most pleasant places to visit in Rome that is still relatively unknown to international tourists – though certainly a popular hangout place for locals. Here, you will find a selection of very interesting landmarks which include two gardens, a few … Read more

A Guide To Visiting The Pantheon, Rome

visiting the Pantheon Rome

Visiting the Pantheon is a must when in Rome, and if you don’t want to actually go inside, unless you decide to avoid the historic center of the city entirely, you will at some point or another – and in fact, quite often! – happen to pass by. Rome’s Pantheon is a magnificent sight. The … Read more