Where To See The Paintings Of Raphael In Rome

Raphael in Rome

There are many places where you can admire the paintings of Raphael in Rome. While Raphael (Raffaello, in Italian) was actually not from Rome, he certainly played a significant role in the artistic shaping of the Eternal City. You will be able to see Raffaello’s artistic expressions in some of the most beautiful churches in … Read more

Where To Admire The Works Of Caravaggio In Rome

Caravaggio in Rome

There are many places where you can admire the work of Caravaggio in Rome. This troubled artist was actually not from Rome – in fact, he was from the area of Milan, and while he traveled to many places to escape justice throughout his life, he certainly contributed to shaping the artistic side of Rome. … Read more

12 Must-See Bridges In Rome

Bridges in Rome

One of the many things ancient Romans were famous for was the constructions of bridges, many of which are still standing today, not only in the Italian capital but in other cities as well. The many bridges in Rome, however, don’t only date to the ancient Rome period. In fact, there are many beautiful old … Read more

Where To See The Works Of Michelangelo In Rome

June 29th in Rome

There are many places where you can admire the work of Michelangelo in Rome. While not from Rome himself, he certainly helped shape Rome (much in the way Bernini did about a century later), gifting the city of some of his most famous masterpieces. Michelangelo’s sculptures adorn the most beautiful churches in Rome; his works … Read more

A Quick Guide To Tipping In Rome

tipping in Rome

Tipping in Rome is absolutely not necessary, but many travelers – especially (but not only) from North America – have a habit of doing it when they visit the Eternal City (and the rest of Italy). We locals don’t typically leave a “mancia” (that’s Italian for tip), because it’s by no means customary or required. … Read more

16 Great Movies About Rome

Movies about Rome

Watching movies about Rome can be a great way of getting inspired to visit the city; certain particular areas in it; eating specific foods. It can also be a way to learn more about the history (albeit not always historically accurate) and culture of the city; the current vibe and way of life. Rome certainly … Read more

The Airports In Rome: Where To Fly To Get To Rome

Airports in Rome

There are two airports in Rome: Fiumicino (FCO), which is also known as Leonardo da Vinci International Airport; and Ciampino (CIA). Both of them offer a wide range of connections to other cities in Italy, in Europe and – especially Fiumicino Airport – the rest of the world. Which of the airports in Rome should … Read more

The Best Events And Festivals In Rome

festivals in Rome

Events and festivals in Rome take place throughout the year. As this is one of the most important centers for Catholicism, it goes without saying that many events are indeed connected to religious celebrations. But there’s more than that! The Italian capital is a culturally thriving city, with a lively art scene; lots of concerts … Read more

The Best Things To Do In Vatican City

Things To Do In Vatican City

There are many more things to do in Vatican City than you’d imagine. The smallest state in the world, encapsulated as it is within the city of Rome, is home to an incredible range of attractions and you may wish to spend days there to see them all. While there are no hotels within the … Read more

33 Fun Facts About Vatican City

Things To Do In Vatican City

The smallest country in the world, Vatican City is located in the heart of Rome (how random is that) and has a tiny population. Compact as it is, the Vatican City has a lot to offer to visitors, and it has a unique history too. Curious to learn more about this small state? Continue reading, … Read more