12 Fantastic Hotels For Families In Rome

Rome in August

With lots of interesting archeological sites; nice squares and parks; delicious food and even better gelato, Rome is a very family friendly city. If you are taking your children to Rome, you are probably looking for the best hotels for families in Rome and seeking accommodation where you can relax while your kids can play … Read more

12 Fabulous Romantic Hotels In Rome

visiting Rome

Rome may not come across as a romantic city – yet it is! From places with incredible views of the city to lovely parks perfect for a leisurely stroll, from beautiful piazzas to delicious restaurants, the Italian capital won’t disappoint even the most romantic travelers. If you are visiting the Eternal City with your better … Read more

The Best Hotels Near Piazza Navona

hotels near piazza Navona

Located in the Historic Center of Rome, Piazza Navona is one of the most scenic piazzas in the Eternal City. Home to three of the most impressive fountains in the city, this truly is the heart of the city and a great neighborhood to stay if you want to have easy access to all the … Read more

The Best Hotels Near The Colosseum, Rome

Rome in August

Is there anything better than waking up to a view when you are on holidays, or having to walk just a minute to find yourself at the center of the action? I say, there isn’t! For perfect views of one of the most important landmarks in Rome, head to Monti, one of the nicest neighborhoods … Read more

Where To See The Works Of Bernini In Rome

Bernini in Rome

If you’ve come across my site before, you should have seen that Bernini is pretty much mentioned in most of my posts, and I often refer to him as “Rome’s favorite artist.” Known as the “animator of marble,” Bernini’s sculptures are intense, dramatic and in their own way full of life and movement. It’s not … Read more

Is Rome Worth Visiting?

visiting Rome

Is Rome worth visiting? Whenever I hear this question, I am honestly puzzled – because it means that there still are people that have doubts about visiting the Eternal City; that are uncertain it is for them; and that aren’t sure they will find what they are looking for there. Truth is, Rome is a … Read more

Where To Find The Best Views Of Rome

Best views of Rome

Are you trying to find the best panoramic spots in Rome, perfect for a romantic date or to take incredible photos of the city? You are in the right place! The good news is that Rome is located on the hills – the famous Seven Hills of Rome – and between them and a variety … Read more

How To Get From Fiumicino Airport To Rome

Fiumicino Airport to Rome

Wherever you are traveling around the world, knowing how to get from the airport to the city center is the very first step to a smooth trip, and that’s certainly the case in Rome. In fact, one of my favorite tips for visiting Rome is to plan how to get from Fiumicino Airport to Rome … Read more

The Most Hidden Gems In Rome

Fiumicino Airport to Rome

The Italian capital is an incredible city. Home to world-famous sites such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Pantheon, if you linger long enough you’ll be rewarded with some of the best hidden gems in Rome. These are places that are often in plain sight, but occasionally require a bit more of an … Read more

Is Rome Safe?

piazzas in Rome

Is Rome Safe? This is a recurring question people planning their first trip to the Italian capital ask me – whether they are planning a solo trip; a family holiday or a romantic couple’s getaway. With 2.8 million inhabitants, Rome is the largest city in Italy by population. Add to that the large influx of … Read more