12 Games In Ancient Rome


For the majority of its inhabitants, daily life in ancient Rome was a mixture of work or business (negotium, in latin), with a more or less large amount of free time (otium – which literally means relaxing, but more generally leisure). Romans had a love for sports – typically practiced in the Campus Martius; they … Read more

18 Must See Obelisks Of Rome

Obelisks in Rome

There are many, beautiful obelisks of Rome. They are almost part of the “natural landscape” of the city; and you will find them popping up in the most beautiful piazzas in Rome; in front of Rome churches; held by some of the most impressive statues in the Eternal City. Obelisks contribute to explain the role … Read more

Where To See The Works Of Bernini In Rome

Bernini in Rome

If you’ve come across my site before, you should have seen that Bernini is pretty much mentioned in most of my posts, and I often refer to him as “Rome’s favorite artist.” Known as the “animator of marble,” Bernini’s sculptures are intense, dramatic and in their own way full of life and movement. It’s not … Read more

Who Are The Most Famous People From Rome?

Famous people from Rome

There are many famous people from Rome. Some you may know about; others you have definitely heard of but chances are you didn’t know they are from Rome; and a few more you have probably never heard of before. If you are curious to find out who are the most famous people from Rome – … Read more

30 Statues In Rome You Should See

statues in rome

One of the things that make Rome the incredible city that it is are the many statues you’ll be able to spot – real works of art by world-famous artists such as Bernini and Michelangelo, to name a few. Free to admire in the most important Rome piazzas and streets; located inside beautiful churches; or … Read more

The Most Beautiful And Famous Fountains In Rome

Spanish Steps Keats Shelley Memorial House

There are more than 2000 fountains in Rome. While the most famous fountains in Rome are monumental, decorative ones placed in the best-known squares of the historic center, leaving visitors amazed day-in, day-out; others – known as “nasoni” – are more functional ones and only meant to provide drinking water to locals and tourists. Fountains … Read more

The Most Beautiful Piazzas In Rome

piazzas in Rome

There are many gorgeous piazzas in Rome. Some are worldwide famous – popular spots in the historic center of town you will come across or specifically visit when in the Italian capital. Others squares in Rome are lesser known, but equally splendid. Many Rome squares are home to gorgeous fountains, beautiful churches and other monuments. … Read more

The Most Interesting Facts About Rome

Facts about Rome

The capital of Italy is one of the most visited cities in the world, not to mention one of the oldest ones. Affectionately called “Caput Mundi” – head of the world, in Latin – Rome is a city of many wonders, with a unique vibe and so much to see and do that you can’t … Read more

The Most Famous Rome Myths And Legends

Rome Myths and Legends

Roman mythology is packed with interesting stories that help explain the many beliefs of the Romans, and how they thought their city was born and their civilization developed. Rome myths also help us shed light into the many changes in the religion followed by the Romans – from the time Romans followed the main beliefs … Read more

Who Were The Main Roman Gods And Goddesses?

Roman Gods and Goddesses

Although today Rome is the main center of Catholicism, ancient Romans were actually polytheistic, and worshipped a number of Roman Gods and Goddesses whom they believed helped them succeed in their daily life and – most importantly – helped them achieve the objective to become rulers of much of the known world. Most of the … Read more