25 Fun Things To Do In Rome With Kids

Best views of Rome

Are you visiting Rome with kids and worry that they may get bored or that there may be nothing suitable for their age? Well, stop worrying right now! Children absolutely love Rome – what with the gladiator stories; the myths and legends; the fun museums that are tailored to a younger audience; the many city … Read more

Is Tap Water In Rome Safe To Drink?

Water in Rome

As a traveler, one of the things I always wonder when I visit a new place is whether I can safely drink tap water there, or whether even just a drop may get me in trouble. If you are visiting Rome for the first time, you are probably wondering whether tap water in Rome is … Read more

20 Best Things To Do In Rome At Night

things to do in Rome at night Trevi Fountain Rome

Exploring Rome at night is part if the fun of visiting the Italian capital. The Eternal City is the perfect place for a night stroll, when all the most famous attractions are beautifully illuminated – and the crowds of tourists are busy having dinner. In fact, there are days when you can even visit some … Read more

12 Games In Ancient Rome


For the majority of its inhabitants, daily life in ancient Rome was a mixture of work or business (negotium, in latin), with a more or less large amount of free time (otium – which literally means relaxing, but more generally leisure). Romans had a love for sports – typically practiced in the Campus Martius; they … Read more

How To Use Public Transport In Rome

Public transport in Rome

If you’ve come to Rome as a tourist, it’s likely that you’ll be using the city’s public transport network at some point. Public transport in Rome is easy to use, mostly operated by one municipally owned company called ATAC. In this post, I will tell you everything you need to know about public transport in … Read more

The Best Hotels Near The Pantheon, Rome

best hotels near the pantheon

Among the most important landmarks in Rome, the Pantheon is an iconic building in the historic center of town, located in one of the nicest piazzas. This part of town is actually a great neighborhood to stay to explore the city – especially if you are visiting Rome for the first time. If you are … Read more

18 Fabulous Pools In Rome

Pools in Rome

If you are traveling to Rome in August, chances are you will feel the desperate need to cool down from the heat at some point. If that’s the case, you can opt to visit one of the beaches near Rome; head to one of the lakes near the capital; or – quite simply – remain … Read more

18 Must See Obelisks Of Rome

Obelisks in Rome

There are many, beautiful obelisks of Rome. They are almost part of the “natural landscape” of the city; and you will find them popping up in the most beautiful piazzas in Rome; in front of Rome churches; held by some of the most impressive statues in the Eternal City. Obelisks contribute to explain the role … Read more

A Guide To Visiting Rome In August

Rome in August

Visiting Rome in August can be an interesting experience. This is the second hottest month in town, with very high temperatures and just as high humidity. It’s also when Ferragosto – Italy’s biggest summer national holiday – falls and that’s when traditionally most Italians go on holidays. If you visit then, you may find the … Read more

12 Fantastic Hotels For Families In Rome

Rome in August

With lots of interesting archeological sites; nice squares and parks; delicious food and even better gelato, Rome is a very family friendly city. If you are taking your children to Rome, you are probably looking for the best hotels for families in Rome and seeking accommodation where you can relax while your kids can play … Read more