A Useful Guide To Piazza Del Popolo, Rome

Piazza del Popolo Rome

There are many gorgeous squares in Rome. One of my favorites is the airy, massive Piazza del Popolo. Not only this is a place of public gatherings, but it literally is an open air museums (like many other places in Rome, to be fair) with three churches, an obelisk, fountains and much more to see. … Read more

A Guide To Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome

Santa Maria Maggiore Church Rome

Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore is one of the most beautiful and yet lesser visited churches in Rome. You will find it in the Esquilino District, actually very close to the city’s main train station Stazione Termini. While virtually all visitors in Rome pass by the station at some point during their trip to the city, … Read more

How To Make The Most Of Teatro Marcello, Rome

Teatro Marcello Rome

The Teatro Marcello is definitely one of my favorite buildings in Rome. Many tourists on their first trip to Rome confuse it with the Colosseum. Some stretch as far as saying it’s indeed a mini-version of the more famous Roman theater, which was actually built later than the Theater of Marcellus. But trust me, they … Read more

A Useful Guide To Calcata Vecchia, Italy

Calcata Vecchia Italy

Calcata Vecchia is one of several hilltop towns in Tuscia, the region of northern Lazio that you can find perched on an almost unreachable crag of volcanic tufa rock. With its Medieval buildings and winding cobbled streets – not to mention its more recent creative community – it makes for a great place to explore … Read more

Everything You Must Know Before Visiting The Colosseum, Rome

gifts from Rome facts about the Colosseum ancient sites in Rome visiting the Colosseum

Are you traveling to Rome for the first time? Then, visiting the Colosseum is an absolute must! The most iconic attraction in the Eternal City, its undisputed symbol, and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, the Colosseum certainly is an impressive sight, and one you really should not miss. Pass by … Read more

What You Must Know About Piazza Venezia, Rome

Piazza Venezia Rome

Piazza Venezia is one of the most famous squares in Rome. Given its strategic position – at the very end of the Via del Corso, and at the junction with Via dei Fori Imperiali, which leads all the way to the Colosseum – it’s impossible not to at least pass by this square during a … Read more

How To Get Vatican Tickets

visiting the sistine chapel Vatican tickets

Tickets to the Vatican Museums / Vatican Tickets / Vatican Museums tickets If it is your first time in Rome, you really should not pass on the opportunity to visit the Vatican Museums. Packed with history and with the masterpieces of Bernini, Michelangelo and Raphael, these are also among the most popular museums in Rome, … Read more

The Most Interesting Rome Underground Sites

Rome underground

Having been inhabited for almost 3,000 years, and perhaps longer, it should come as no surprise that there are a lot of ruins in Rome. Many of them are underground, with centuries of the city’s architectural history still covering them. In fact, some ruins have yet to be properly excavated. However, there are many ruins … Read more

Is A Day Trip From Rome To Naples Possible?

day trip from Rome to Naples

Yes: absolutely. A day trip from Rome to Naples is totally possible. In fact, thanks to Italy’s network of high-speed rail services, you can be whisked there in just over one hour. That means, even if you don’t leave until mid-morning, you’ll still have a long while to spend seeing the sights of Naples. That … Read more

The Best Murals In Rome: A Guide To Tor Marancia Street Art

Tor Marancia street art

Few people know about Tor Marancia and its incredible street art – and that’s exactly why you should go. It’s completely off the beaten path, so if you’re not a fan of sticking to the tourist trail anyway, this one’s totally for you. And, needless to say, if you’re a lover of street art, then … Read more