About Me

Strictly Rome strives to show you the many ways in which you can enjoy the Eternal City. From the gorgeous sights perfect for sightseeing to the more hidden gems; from the beautiful cities and quaint villages in the capital vicinity to the cultural traditions, festivals and events; from the unique food full of flavor to the wines of the Castelli Romani: this site will inspire you to visit Rome and discover all that it has to offer, and to always carry it in your heart – much like Romans do.

Why Strictly Rome?

The capital city of Italy is a popular city break for both the Italian and the international tourism market. Though many plan to spend no more than 3 days in the city, a lifetime is not enough to embrace all that it has to offer. 

This site is meant to become a useful resource about Rome. It intends to show how to make the most of Rome, despite the crowds; to raise interest on its unique vibe; to help anybody who wants to visit get reliable, updated information and resources to plan their trip and make the most of their stay. 

From the Colosseum to Quartiere Coppedé

Famous for the Colosseum, Rome has a side to it that not many know. In Rome, you’ll find art galleries to quench your thirst for culture; food to tickle your palate, and the buzz that only the capital city of Italy can offer. Add the many beautiful nearby villages and towns; the sense of humor of the locals; the regular festivals and much more, and you’ll quickly realize that Rome deserves more than one visit.


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